The Australian Monument to the Great Irish Famine [aka “The Memorial”]


From time to time there has been a need to carry out repairs or maintenance on The Memorial. This work is the responsibility of Sydney Living Museums on whose property The Memorial is located; repair costs are covered by their insurance.

On several occasions, damage occurred to the glass panels and there have been several lots of graffiti either on the glass or the external bronze table. The in-ground lights have developed problems, there have been issues with the soundscape and damage to one of the three-legged stools under the lily-pilly tree. Some of the items adorning the wall – the books, sewing basket, and potatoes – as well as the tables, plate, spoon, and bowl, had lost their sheen and colour.

SLM has recently had a conservator carry out restoration work, repairs to the lights and adjustments to the soundscape. SLM will institute a regular schedule of maintenance henceforth.

Before conservation:

After conservation:

The conservation work was carried out in consultation with the artists, Hossein and Angela Valamanesh, who designed The Memorial.

While SLM are the custodians of the memorial, the GIFCC, members, and descendants have an important role as its “guardians” in both a spiritual and a physical sense.