Names on the monument

The Irish-Australian community’s desire to place a sculpture at the Hyde Park Barracks to commemorate the passage of 150 years since the Great Irish Famine represented a huge challenge. The Barracks in Sydney is imbued with so much of this nation’s history that it has almost sacred status in the minds of many Australians. As the custodians of this place we do not add to it lightly. The monument we have erected to the Great Irish Famine is an exception. It commemorates powerfully, yet simply, the antipodean role this building played at the time of the Great Famine. We have been pleased to play a part in the commemoration.

Peter Watts Director
Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales

Adderley Jane & Mary, ~Glenmore, Offaly
Aikens Bessie, ~Newry, Down
Aikens Sarah Maria,~ Newry, Down
Arbuckle Sara, ~Strabane,Tyrone
Armstrong Catherine, ~Kilrusky, Monaghan

Balfe Mary, ~Dunshaughland, Meath
Barrow Ann,~ Mallow, Cork
Basset Charlotte, ~Kilmilling, Wicklow
Beard Jane, ~Edgeworthtown, Longford
Bell Jane, ~Antrim
Bergen Ann, ~Old Derrick, Laois
Bergen Elizabeth, Old Derrick, Laois
Best Margaret, Sherrigrim, Tyrone
Black Sarah, Tyrone
Blake Mary Elizabeth, Aughrim, Galway
Blundell Maria, Naas, Kildare
Bohen Ann, Galway
Boyle Ann, Lisgann, Clare
Boyle Mary, Louth
Bracken Ann, Roscommon
Brady Anne, Cavan
Brandon Mary, Ballylongford, Kerry
Brennan Elizabeth, Lurgan. Antrim
Brien Susan, Kilcullen, Kildare
Briers Ann, Isle & Burt, Derry
Britt Sarah, Carlow
Brophy Anastasia M, Johnstown, Kilkenny
Brown Isabella, Derry
Buck Margaret, Drumcollera,Limerick
Burgess Mary Ann, Tullow,Carlow
Burke Bridget, Ballinsloe, Sligo
Burke Catherine, Ballinsloe, Sligo
Burne Mary, Gorey, Wexford
Burt Sarah, Glen Nevis, Antrim
Byrne Mary, Ballynakill, Galway
Byme Catherine, Carrickmacross, Monaghan

Cahill Mary, Patrick’s Town, Offaly
Cain Catherine, Ballina, Mayo
Callaghan Biddy, Glasslough, Monaghan
Callery Bridget, Mohill, Leitrim
Cane Ann, Carlow
Cannon Bridge, Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim
Canny Bridget, Ennistymon, Clare
Carbary Jane, Ballyshannon,Donegal
Carigge Mary, Clare
Cariggem Eliza, Ennis, Clare
Camey Maria, Ballysea, Mayo
Carr Ann, Turtuakelly, Derry
Carrigg Mary, Ennis, Clare
Carroll Alice, Dundalk, Louth
Carroll Ellen, Drohmahare, Monaghan
Carson Isabella, Omagh, Tyrone
Casey Ellen, Loughrae, Galway
Cash Mary Ann, Nenagh, Tipperary
Casserley Mary, Ballymahon, Longford
Cassidy Harriet, Galway
Chambers Mary Jane, Dublin
Clark Elizabeth, Jamaica
Clarke Bridget, Menalty, Meath
Clarke Mary, Menalty, Meath
Coady Catherine, Waterford
Cogan Catherine, Deansforth, Kilkenny
Cogan Mary, Mayo
Coghlan Mary, Cork
Coleman Mary, Manchester, England
Colston Emily, Cavan
Connolly Elizabeth, Greig, Wexford
Connor Mary, Clogheen, Tipperary
Connor Mary Ann, Kenmare, Kerry
Conway Mary, Listowel, Kerry
Cook Mary, Carlow
Cooper Susan, Wexford
Craig Catherine, Dublin
Crehan Mary, Gort, Galway
Crighton Margaret, Turtuakelly, Derry
Croke Mary, Killanaule, Tipperary
Cronin Eleanor, Cork
Crosby Mary, Churchtown, Offaly
Crotty Jane, Clonmel, Tipperary
Cummins Bridget, Slane, Meath
Cunningham Bridget, Ennis, Clare

Daley Mary, Ardee, Louth
Danaher Honora, Ennis, Clare
Davis Bridget, Scarriff, Clare
Dee Bridget, Cashel, Tipperary
Dee Ellen, Cashel, Tipperary
Dee Johanna, Ireland
Dee Mary, Cashel, Tipperary
Deely Catherine, Loughrea, Galway
Deely Mary Anne, Loughrea, Galway
Dehee Margaret, Donohil, Tipperary
Dempsey Margaret, Clonmel, Tipperary
Dempsey Celia, Kingstown, Dublin
Devlin Margaret, Keady, Armagh
Devlin Sarah, Armagh
Divine Mary, Yellow Firs, Meath
Doherty Mary, Carrick on Suir, Tipperary
Donelan Ellen, Leightford, Galway
Donnelly Jane, Enniskillen, Fermanagh
Donovan Catherine, Bandon, Cork
Donovan Margaret, Skibbereen, Cork
Dooley Catherine, Kilcolain, Offaly
Dooling Mary, Baltinglass, Wicklow
Doran Catherine, Freshford, Kilkenny
Dowd Ann, Mullahoran, Cavan
Dowd Bridget, Loughrae, Galway
Dowd Mary, Mullahoran, Cavan
Dowling Ellen, Newtown, Laois
Downey Honor, Athlone, Clare
Doyle Catherine, Dublin
Doyle Mary, Mountmellick, Laois
Doyle Sarah, Coleraine, Derry
Driscoll Margaret, Middleton, Cork
Drum, Ann
Drum Eliza, Sligo
Duffy Ann, Cookstown, Tyrone
Duffy Mary, Clunass, Fermanagh
Duggan Grace, Donegal
Duke Ann, Ballyn, Mayo
Dunford Jane, Kildare
Dunphy Mary, Abbeyleix, Laois
Durkan Catherine, Ballyglen, Mayo

Edwards Celia, Wexford

Fahey Ann, Bannahar, Offaly
Fahey Bridget, Clare
Farrell Mary, Scarrif, Clare
Fee Mary, Carrickmacross, Monaghan
Feely Ellen, Ballyshannon, Donegal
Feeney Emily
Feeny Jane, Ratheiham, Wicklow
Ferry Bridget, Dunfanaghy, Donegal
Fitzgerald Mary Ann, Ballingarry, Limerick
Fitzharris May, Dublin
Fitzsimmons Clara, Ballymahon, Longford
Flannigan Mary, Wicklow
Fleming Bridget, Cullen, Tipperary
Flemming Rose, Ballyadam, Laois
Flood Mary, Enniscorthy, Wexford
Flynn Ann, Dublin
Foley Catherine, Kitlaugher, Leitrim
Fox Catherine, Armagh
Foy Catherine, Curran, Monaghan
Frawley Margaret, Ennis, Clare
Frazer Eliza, Belfast, Antrim
Frieze Alice, Cashel, Tipperary
Fury Maria, Galway

Gaffney Bridget, Butlers Bridge, Cavan
Gaffney Catherine, Butlers Bridge, Cavan
Galvin Ellen, Dingle, Kerry
Gannon Catherine, Mohill, Leitrim
Gaughan Rose Anne, Mayo
Gavin Mary, Ballymore, West Meath
Gaynor Mary
Geoghegan Mary, Athlone, West Meath
Gerity Margaret, Dublin
Gibbons Mary, Derry
Gleenan Rose, Athlone, West Meath
Gleeson Mary, Borrisoleigh, Tipperary
Goff Mary, Cross Molina, Mayo
Gray Ann, White Mountain, Louth
Gray Mary, Armagh
Green Ellen, Abbey, Waterford
Green Mary, Tuam, Galway
Greenwood Eliza, Callan Bridge, Armagh
Guare Catherine, Askeaton, Limerick

Haggerty Mary, Ballina, Mayo
Hall Bridget, Castle Connell, Limerick
Hall Eliza, Antrim
Hall Rebecca, Coleraine, Derry
Hall Sarah, Antrim
Handbridge Ellen, Strafford, Wicklow
Hanratty Mary, Carrickmacross, Monaghan
Harding Julia, Kantant County
Hartigan Bridget, Ennistymon, Clare
Hartigan Bridget, Newmarket, Clare
Hawthorn Martha, Strabane, Tyrone
Haydon Honora, Cashel, Tipperary
Haydon Sarah, Cashel, Tipperary
Hayes Johanna, Listowel, Kerry
Healy Catherine, Cahir, Tipperary
Hickey Mary, Scarrif, Clare
Hogan Rose, Mogul, Leitrim
Hopkins Bridget, Dunmore, Galway
Hunt Margaret, Limavady, Derry
Hurley Margaret, Gort, Galway

lcombe Eliza, Baltinglass, Wicklow

Jamison Mary, Derry
Jennings Sarah, Shrule, Mayo
Joyce Catherine, Cong, Mayo

Kavenny Bridget, Annadough, Leitrim
Kean Catherine, Kilchrist, Galway
Kearney Bridget, Athlone, West Meath
Kearney Mary, Waterford
Kearns Mary, Sligo
Keating Bridget, Feenaugh/Feeny, Limerick
Keefe Alice, Ballilone, Laois
Keilly Honora, Kanturk, Cork
Kelly Ann, Kilcrea, Galway
Kelly Bridget, Loughrea, Galway
Kelly Johanna, Glenmore, Kilkenny
Kelly Margaret, Kilcrea, Galway
Kelly Mary, Donegal
Kennedy Anne, Arles, Laois
Kennedy Elizabeth, Cashel, Tipperary
Kennedy Maria, Moate, West Meath
Kennefick Elizabeth, Cork
Kennon Ann, West Meath
Kenny Ann, Longford
Kenny Mary, Castlecomer, Kilkenny
Kiernan Mary, Dundalk, Louth
King Bridget, Hedford, Galway
King Margaret, Waterford

Lalor Mary, Rathpilly, Wicklow
Larkin Sarah, Dora, Offaly
Laughlin Catherine, Dungarvon, Waterford
Lawn Eleanor, Donegal
Leahy Ellen, Cleary, Limerick
Leddy Jane, Drygan, Clare
Lee Elizabeth, Clenibroune, Longford
Lennon Ann, Carrickmacross, Monaghan
Loftus Julia, Mayo
Long Margaret, Limerick
Looney Ellen, Dungarvan, Waterford
Lordon Ellen, Bandon, Cork
Lynagh Anne, Navan, Meath
Lynch Biddie, Nuthe, Meath
Lynsky Julia, Galway
Lyons Ann, Tipperary

Magee Catherine, Antrim
Maguire Bridget, Belturbet, Cavan
Maguire Rose, Belturbet, Cavan
Maher Maria, Portumna, Galway
Maher Mary, Killishaw, Carlow
Mahon Bridget, Headfort, Galway
Malone Anne, Tipperary
Martin Elizabeth, Down
May Mary, Kilglass, Roscommon
McArdle Isabella, Camlagh, Down
McCann Bridget, Banbridge, Down
McCann Mary, Enniskillen, Fermanagh
McCann Sarah, Portadown, Armagh
McCarthy Mary, Kerry
McCarthy Mary Ann, Scarrif, Clare
McCarty Mary, Kilmajer, Kerry
McCluskey Catherine, Tara, Meath
McCluskey Ellen, Tara, Meath
McConkey Jane, Antrim
McConnell Mary, Lurgan, Armagh
McCrae Mary, Fermanagh
McDermott Ann, Ballyna, Donegal
McDermott Eliza, Elfin, Roscommon
McDermott Maria, Kilmore, Roscommon
McDonald Catherine, Athlone, West Meath
McDonaugh Mary, Tulla, Clare
McDonnell Catherine, Athlone, Roscommon
McDonnell Rose, Killaid, Armagh
McDougall IsabellaGifford, Banbridge, Down
McElroy Ellen, Lisnaskea, Fermanagh
McElroy Mary Ann, Lisnaskea, Fermanagh
McGarry Honora, Sligo
McGillicuddy Ellen, Dingle, Kerry
McGowan Mary, Killrock, Leitrim
McGrath Bridget, Tulloch, Carlow
McGuire Ellen, Cavan
McGuire Mary, Drumroghan, Leitrim
McMahon Bridget, Rathkeale, Limerick
McManus Harriet, Cork
McNamara Catherine, Clare
McNamara Margaret, Scariff, Clare
Meade Mary, Dunshaughlin, Meath
Merriman Anne, Cork
Miller Jane, Dundalk, Louth
Miller Mary, Cloneslie, Laois
Mitchell Rebecca, Tulloch, Carlow
Moloney Anne, Golden, Tipperary
Moore Martha, Leady, Armagh
Moran Celia, Kiltort, Wicklow
Moriarty Catherine, Tralee, Kerry
Moriarty Mary, Dingle, Kerry
Morony Ann, Ballyna, Tipperary
Morrison Susanna, Antrim
Morrow Elizabeth, Belfast
Mugan Honora, Castle Bar, Mayo
Mulcahy Julia, Kanturk, Cork
Muldoon Ann, Mulick, Fermanagh
Muldowney Bridget, Ballnikill, Laois
Mullen Mary, Shannonbridge, Offaly
Mulligan Sarah, Banbridge, Down
Murphy Bridget, Enniscorthy, Wexford
Murphy Cathie
Murphy Honora
Murray Bridget, Ardagh, Longford

Nattan Ellen, Athlone, West Meath
Naughton Bridget, Tynagh, Galway
Naughton Catherine, Tynagh, Galway
Naughton Mary, Tynagh, Galway
Nelligan Ann, Mallou, Cork
Nelson Margaret, Clare
Nelson Mary Ann, Clonrich, Clare
Nevin, Teresa, Galway
Nichols Mary, Granard, Longford
Nolan Elizabeth, Baltinglass, Wicklow
Noonan Catherine, Bodyke, Clare

O’Brien Honora, Glynn, Limerick
O’Brien Mary, Glynn, Limerick
O’Dea Biddy, Thurles, Clare
O’Donnell Catherine, Limerick
O’Donnell Margaret, Letterkenny, Donegal
O’Hara Mary, Mayo
O’Leary Mary, Bantry, Cork
O’Neil Mary, Manchester, England
O’Riley Catherine, Fermanagh

Patterson Frances, Killishandra, Cavan
Patterson Mary Ann, Killishandra, Cavan
Paull Margaret, Coleraine, Derry
Pearce Winifred, Baliduff, Kerry
Pender Catherine, Towlerton, Laois
Penrose Ann, Wicklow
Penrose Bridget, Barraderrie, Wicklow
Penrose Catherine, Wicklow
Perrin Agnes, Dublin
Phelan Mary Ann, Castletown, Laois
Pierse Winifred, Ballyduff, Kerry
Power Catherine, Annicart, Laois
Power Mary, Waterford, Waterford
Prendergast Mary Ann, Galway

Quigley Bridget, ‘Meath, Claire’ but probably Sligo
Quinn Bridget, Tullamore, Offaly

Rafferty Hannah, Castlerea, Roscommon
Rafferty Honora, Castlerea, Roscommon
Rattigan Mary, Ballmahon, Longford
Reardon Margaret, Croome, Limerick
Redmond Johanna, Mullamaline, Wexford
Reed Sarah, Antrim
Reilly Mary Ann, Ballyconnall, Down
Riley Catherine, Whitehill, Fermanagh
Riley Catherine, Enniskillen, Fermanagh
Riley Hannah, Dunlear, Louth
Rock Mary, Keadue, Sligo
Rooney Ann, Ballyshannon, Donegal
Ross Margaret, Rosscarn, Fermanagh
Rossiter Eliza, Enniscorthy, Wexford
Roughan Mary Ann, Scarrif, Clare
Rourke Bessie, Sligo
Rourke Mary, Sligo
Russell Bridget, Ballimore, West Meath
Ryan Margaret, Nenagh, Tipperary

Saltry Dorinda, Skreen, Sligo
Sands Mary, Banbridge, Down
Seymore Mary, Castletown, Tipperary
Shanahan Ellen, Ballingarry, Limerick
Shanahan Mary, Rathkeal, Limerick
Sharkey Eliza, Tyrone
Sharkey Eliza, Omagh, Tyrone
Shaw Mary, Sligo
Shea Bridget, Callan, Kilkenny
Shea Honora, Kilkenny
Shepherd Jane, Wicklow
Shepherd Ruth, Wicklow
Sheridan Bridget, Gleann, Cavan
Sherry Rose, Carrickmacross, Monaghan
Simmons Margaret, Killmallock, Limerick
Simpson Catherine, Newtown, Longford
Slattery Margaret, Dungarvon, Waterford
Slattery Mary, Kilkenny
Smith Biddy, Ballyshannon, Donegal
Smyth Johanna, Bandon, Cork
Spillane Mary, Cork
Spratt Mary, Dungarvin, Waterford
Stack Margaret, Ennistymon, Clare
Stack Mary, Ennistymon, Clare
Stephens Jane, Wicklow
Stephens Ruth, Wicklow
Sullivan Mary, Ennis, Clare
Sweeny Catherine, Tipperary

Taaffe Mary, Edenderry, Offaly
Taylor Mary, Parsons Town, Offaly
Thom Catherine
Thornton Mary, Ardee, Louth
Tiernan Frances, Longford
Tighe Rose, Oldcastle, Meath
Toole Eliza, Waterford
Troy Mary, Chaleville, Cork
Troy Mary, Newtown Shandrum, Cork

Vaughan Ellen, Mayo

Wall Catherine, Kilpipe, Wexford
Wallace Bridget, Cashel, Tipperary
Wallace Catherine, Cashel, Tipperary
Wallace Mary, Logan Village, Down
Walsh Mary, Castlelyon, Cork
Ward Catherine, Loughrea, Galway
Ward Margaret, Tipperary
Ward Maria, Loughmartin, Longford
Watson Bridget, Milltown, Kilkenny
Watson Jane, Barnscourt, Tyrone
Watters Catherine, Dungarvan, Waterford
Wetherall Mary, Thurles, Tipperary
Wheelan Honora, Louth
Whelan Eliza, Abbeyleix, Laois
White Eliza, Naas, Kildare
White Johanna, Glin, Limerick
Whittaker Ann, Roscrea, Tipperary
Whittaker Margaret, Wexford
Wogan Margaret, Skreen, Meath
Woods Bridget, Glin, Limerick
Wylie Sarah, Banbridge, Down
Wynne Christiana, Dublin