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First Name
Basset [Bassett]
Native Place
Killmilling [Kilmalin], Wicklow
Age On Arrival
Thomas & Eliza (both dead)
Church of England
Ship Name
Lismoyne (Sydney 29 Nov 1849)
shipping: farm servant, reads & writes; Rathdown PLU BG137/G/3 No.9350, Charlotte Bassil, 14, Prot., transferred from Rathmichael, see No.5445, Union at large, entered 19 Jul 1848, left 15 Aug 1849 'Australia' (No.5445 referred to here was in missing vol.); empl. J Robertson, Pitt St., £8, 1 year; Register 2 No.280, 22 Feb 1850 with J Robertson; Appendix J No.129, 17 May 1850 indentures with Robertson cancelled for inability & absolute neglect of work, WPO; Im.Cor 50/761, 9 Oct 1850 Maitland; married Thomas Mogg, 8 August 1855, St John’s CofE, Mudgee; Thomas, a ship’s blacksmith, later coach builder, emigrated from Devon in 1849; 9 children; the family believe, but have no proof, that she was employed to care for Thomas’ much younger siblings. Charlotte died at her home in Douro St, Mudgee in 1904. She and her descendants were highly respected in the Rylstone-Mudgee districts. A granddaughter described her as ‘a gentle person who saw the good in everything’.

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