Dear Members and Supporters


We are well into the new year and so far, 2021 in Australia is shaping up as a better year than the last one and there’s hope that the vaccines will bring a safer, Covid-free world. I’m sure many of us are keen to be able to spread our wings again.

The GIFCC 2021 is up and running; we have met via Zoom in January and in February with plenty on our agenda. We are already thinking about the Annual Commemoration to be held this year on Sunday August 29th

Meanwhile, the Early Grey Orphan Project, for which we have received some funding from the Irish Government, is under way at Macquarie University under the direction of Assoc Professor Tanya Evans and managed by Historian Patricia Curthoys. The aim of the project is to expand the data included on GIFCC’s Orphan Database. Five Macquarie Uni student interns are assisting with research and collating information and data. This will build on the work done by Trevor McClaughlin in “Barefoot and Pregnant?” [Vol 2 publ 2001] and Perry McIntyre; Perry was responsible for establishing the GIFCC database and has uploaded a great deal of material over the last 10-15 years. However, collation and addition of new material is an ongoing task. Perry has agreed to collaborate on the project.   

We are inviting descendants whose orphan girl is not yet included on the database to register their interest by writing to:- 

Descendants who have additional information they would like added to their orphan girl’s entry on the database are invited to register their interest likewise. Please use Subject “EGOP – (+ your orphan girl’s name and ship).

All those who register will be sent a Consent Form and a Data Collection Form.