AGM – Notice of Meeting


The GIFCC Inc Annual General Meeting 2020 will take place on  SATURDAY, November 21st at 2 pm via Zoom.

All positions are open for nominations as follows:-

Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Committee member (5 positions), ie., a total of nine (9) on the Committee.

The Attendee Registration**, Nomination, and Proxy Forms are available from:- [**Attendee Registration is required to receive Zoom log-in details].

Nominees and nominators/seconders must be financial members of GIFCC Inc. Membership Application Forms are available on our website or by email from the Secretary.

Completed Nomination Forms for the election of the Committee must be returned to the Secretary by 5.00 pm Friday, November 13th.

Note: all financial members are eligible for election to the Committee regardless of location;  a pre-requisite is, however, the ability to communicate by email and Zoom.

Further information including the GIFCC Inc Annual Report, Financial Report will be emailed to all financial members on Monday, November 2nd.