Summaries of reseach to date appear with each orphan. There are expanded stories of the following orphan girls:

Baker, Mary per John Knox

Bracken, Catherine per Inconstant to South Australia

Callaghan, Winifred per Maria

Cassidy (Casserley, Casey) Mary per Digby

Cereher, Eliza per Roman Emperor

Emery, Sarah per Roman Emperor

Hanbury, Mary (Mary Ann) per Digby

Harrick, Eliza per Inconstant to South Australia

Hogan, Honora from Mitchellstown per John Knox

Kenny, Ellen per Tippoo Saib

McCabe, Jane per Diadem

Moran, Celia per Lady Peel

Morony, Ann per Eliza Caroline

Murphy, Ellen per Lismoyne

Noon (Noone), Catherine (Kate) per Tippoo Saib

Quigley, Bridget per Tippoo Saib

Rafferty, Honor (Hannah) per Digby

Reynolds, Bridget per Tippoo Saib

Sands, Mary Jane per Earl Grey

Smith, Elizabeth per Digby

Solan, Honor per Panama

Stephens, Ruth & Jane per Thomas Arbuthnot - see Ruth Stephens

Sweeny, Alice per New Liverpool

Tierney, Catherine per Lady Peel

Tobin, Ellen per Elgin

Wray, Elizabeth & Mary Ann per Derwent